Ancestral Night 7: Life-forms


Elizabeth Bear is writing in the grand space opera tradition in which life is vastly varied and diverse - even more so in the second book she wrote in this universe (Machine). What did you feel about this? If you could role-play any of the various life-forms, which would it be and why?


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    I'm not too sure any of them were mentally or culturally different from the humans, except perhaps the Ativahika. (I think Cherryh's Chanur books have some of the best space-opera aliens). Then again, we didn't really spend much time with them, apart from Cheeirilaq. Farweather came across as alien, a dangerous barbarian with incomprehensible motives.

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    I enjoy good aliens. Niven and Cherryh are two of the best IMO, but Bear's aliens were very interesting. I am looking forward to reading Machine.

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