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Hi all, I thought I'd see what other people thought about the pacing of the Binti trilogy. For me, this was another signal of YA intentions (despite the author's protestations :) ) - the pace seems kind of breakneck all the way through with little time to pause and enjoy the world. We seemed to whistle from crisis to crisis without pause. I think I'd have enjoyed times when we could kind of explore the world and its many cultures without feeling we were dodging bullets all the time. Any other reactions?


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    Genre novel for sure = plot and tropes override all other aspects. I see this more as an indication that the author is influenced by, and hopeful of, the demands of visual rather than textual media = movies, tv vs. books. So a market commodity rather than a work.

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    Couldn’t it be more a function of the fact that it’s really four short stories combined in one book?
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    I agree, it's rapid and breathless all the way through. The only time for a bit of pause and reflection is when Binti dies at the end and people start to consider the changes that happened because of her.

    I think the stories could have done with a bit more space and reflection, a bit more of everyday life. After all, we only really got to see Himba culture through the eyes of someone rebelling against it.

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    @Apocryphal said:
    Couldn’t it be more a function of the fact that it’s really four short stories combined in one book?

    That's a good point, though some short story writers seem to manage to give a sense of world within a short span of words. GK Chesterton, for one, and even our friend Christopher Priest, though he seems to have wanted to describe a cluster of closely related worlds rather than a single one! Or Asimov with the original Foundation books.

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    If it is really four short stories, isn't it odd that they seem to all be about one particular person, and are marketed as such? I think it's a serial, not short stories.

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    The pace is fast, yes. The pace of a typical D&D game.

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