A Stranger in Olondria - Starter 5 - Gaming and Maps


There's nothing like a good map... and sadly what we got was nothing like a good map! At least, I found it extremely hard to follow the journey on the map in the kindle version. Do maps and games always go together? What aspects of the book might be a good foundation for a game?


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    You might think that maps and games go together, given how often gamers ogle and make a fuss about them. But I think it's that gamers just love evocative imaginary maps, rather than that 'they go' with games. Some games are hard to imagine without maps, like Warhammer's Old World. But many other require no map at all, and might even be ruined by a map. The map in this novel was suggestive and evocative, but rather meaningless in the grand scope of things, I think. Jevick was, I think, following the path of the Hero's Journey - wasn't he?

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