November book choice (94) - Piranesi


Apologies for taking so long to get this out there. You don't want to read my excuses.

My nomination for November is Piranesi (Susanna Clarke)

It's one of those books that's hard to describe without spoiling it (and many reviews and descriptions out there do spoil it in part - I went in almost blind and enjoyed the book all the more for it). What I will say is that it's a book with a very small cast, and a world of sculptures echoing our world. The nature of the world, the nature of those in the cast, the memories of the narrating character are all mysteries. The narrative is all from the point of view of the narrator's diary entries.

I really enjoyed this one, and want to discuss it with others who have also read it. It's also a short and easy read, despite the mystery of everything. The very sketchy description is deliberate - enjoy!


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