Mission of Gravity Q6: Open source science fiction: Whirligig world


In the afterworld, Clement gives "official permission to anyone who so desires to lay scenes [on Mesklin.] I ask only that he maintain reasonable scientific standards, and that’s certainly an elastic requirement in the field of science fiction. "
Certainly there have been other shared worlds, but this is a very early (if not the earliest) example of an author offering up such a shared space. Heavy Planet collects a few other of these stories.

Could you write a story set on Mesklin? Would you read another story set on this planet?


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    I’d certainly be willing to read another by a different author. I liked the world itself, and thing an even harder story (one that used hard sociology as well as physics might be interesting. Whether I could write one is another matter. Not sure i could write any fiction, as easy a thing as some writers make it seem.

    Incidentally, I didn’t read the Heavy Planet collection, but a 1978 paperback edition which, I noticed, was signed by the author.
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    I might read another story, and being by another author would attract me more than another one by Clement (sad to say). My version of Heavy Planet included both Mission of Gravity and Starlight - I read the second because I wasn't sure that MoG had actually finished, and struggled a bit to have two things by him one after the other.

    Like @Apocryphal , I'd like to read a treatment of Mesklin that told us more about the society and the individuals.

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