The Guns Above Q6 Gestalt


How did you feel about the book? How would you speak about it to a friend who asked?


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    "A fun read which rattles along - don't expect too much character depth or beauty of writing, but just take it as it comes."

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    A decent military adventure romp. It's a cross between Sharpe and Hornblower, but with steampunk nerd-troping. Despite being steampunk, it doesn't glory in the racism, classism, colonialism of the era.

    A good book to read for unwinding before going to bed. Entertaining and doesn't require a great deal of thought. Fun, but it won't profoundly affect you.

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    Rote but well-written steampunk military fiction. Does the bare minimum to check off the genre boxes, but offers nothing more.

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    A good way to spend a rainy day while avoiding chores.

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