The Guns Above Q3 Heroes


Who is the protagonist of this book? How did they - or did they - grow throughout the novel? Did you sympathize with the protagonist? Why or why not?


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    Josette was the main protagonist, and she grew a bit, becoming a more confident commander with support of her crew. But there wasn't a lot of that.

    Bernat did the most growing, I thought, but that was a fairly predictable journey.

    Overall, not a lot of character growth in the book. But then, it's a military action-adventure book, a genre that isn't well-known for deeply nuanced characters who introspect deeply. It's fine that there are fairly simple characters who don't change much.

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    Not a lot to add to wat @NeilNjae said

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    Nor I. Thanks for doing the heavy lifting, @NeilNjae lol.
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