The Guns Above Q2 Characters


How did you feel about the characters when you started and when you had finished the book? What characters stood out as well crafted? What characters stood out as mailed in? Did any of the characters resonate with you?


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    The two main characters, and the crew of the airship, seemed well defined and credible. I guess most of the others seemed a bit 2d, like the wicked and prejudiced general for example. The mum could have been an interesting person to develop more, but (I felt) was left too much in the background and I didn't ever get much sense of why there was so much estrangement between mother and daughter. That said, the level of detail in the characters and their motivations seemed to fit the nature and target audience of the book, so I wasn't expecting great depth and complexity in them.

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    I liked that Josette wasn't perfect, and had flaws like a temper and a dose of fanaticism. Bernat was a bit erratic, I thought, veering from upper-class fool to cynical operator a bit too much. The rest of the characters were mostly flat, as Richard says. They could have done with a bit more development as there was some potential there.

    One thing that did irk a bit was that the Mistral's crew seemed excessively competent, especially when it came to fighting other airships. All the encounters seemed rather one-sided. IIRC, Hornblower featured a lot of inconclusive skirmishes where ships would meet, manoeuvre, take some damage, then disengage to repair or continue their mission. I'd have liked a bit more of that.

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    There was also maybe a bit too much of Kirk's Enterprise vs Khan, with Spock saying "He is intelligent, but not experienced. His pattern indicates two-dimensional thinking."

    [Edit I think the Hornblower comparison is a really interesting one, both for its similarities and differences]

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    I think I mostly liked Bernat, not as a person but as a character for his variability. I guess his inconsistency felt real. The rest might as well have been cribbed from Blackadder.
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