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Reposted from the the not-dead-yet Google Plus group:

Hey, all.

I just finished the copy-and-paste portion of compiling our Slow Read of Lord of the Rings into a single text. Took me about 3 hours total (including a program crash and lost work).

I haven't started any cleanup yet (so there's lots of junk picked up from the copy-and-paste), but the total is 166,108 words, about a third of the total of LotR itself!

This is going to be quite an artifact when it's finally wrought!

Unless anyone minds, I guess I'll post sporadic updates to this thread, so subscribe if you're interested!


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    How exactly does one subscribe to a thread?

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    I have my notification preferences setup so that it seems me an email every time someone posts to a discussion that I started, or a discussion I commented on. In the desktop version, there's four little icons on the right column. One is for account preferences. I think that's where I changed it.
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    edited November 2018

    OK! For me they were over on the left for some reason. Took me a while to find them! They should have been on the right, which was where I was looking! Thank you, Michael!

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    Ugh! I meant "left" and typed "right" Definitely not awake yet.
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    It's been a few months, but today I found the time to get back to this project. There was a lot of cleanup to do, but that's mostly complete now.

    Here's some sample pages. What does everyone think?

    I wanted the design to echo the look of Google Plus, but still be readable in book format. What do you think? I kept the "Owner" and "Moderator" tags, but they're easy to get rid of if you don't like them.

    I set this up as 6" x 9" and it will likely be around 350 pages when done. Will probably cost between US$7 and US$8 to print on Lulu.

    Still to do:

    • Get feedback on design (that's what this thread is for)
    • Get permission from all contributors
    • Put together a list of contributors section, with whatever contact info people want to share
    • Write an introduction
    • Include Richard Abbott's awesome photographs
    • Make a cover
    • See if I can find a volunteer to give it a final once-over
    • Set up the project on Lulu

    You'll note that "edit" is not on that list. If someone wants to edit or even spellcheck, I can set you up with the files, but I'm putting the words out largely the way we all posted them.

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    AWESOME! I am up for it! You have my permission. No contact details for me - they wouldn't be needed. Maybe if Ray Otus doesn't want to make a cover, you can use one of Richard's photos?

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    The layout is very nice. I'd personally be inclined to drop all the +1s and moderator/owner tags. Actually, I also be in favour of just putting people's first names - Chris, Clash, Ray, Michael, Richard, etc. Do we have any instances where two first names are the same? That's probably more work you didn't need, though.

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    OUTSTANDING!!! Great job and very much appreciated. This all looks great!

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    That's amazing!

    I am still having a buddy help to import the data from the old Community here, but I like what you're doing.

    It may make sense to keep the post title on the top of subsequent pages as discussion goes long. Probably also you want to start each post with a page break, so e.g. your page 12-13 would have whitespace at the end of p12 and p13 would start with "Chapter 2"

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    My word, this is marvellous! Thank-you so much Michael.

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    Late to the party here (for some reason the notification emails didn't flag this one up for me) but like others, I would say this is a great job you're doing. And such a lot of work :) I think I probably said this before, but you certainly have my permission to use anything I rabbitted on about in all this (and the pics).

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    For those interested, I have put out #3 in my blog posts The Music of Iluvatar, dealing this time with the poetry of men, especially the Rohirrim

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    Awesome, Richard! I have been waiting for this! I must say the examples you picked are the ones that make my hair stand on end when I read them.

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    Another weekend, another sample, available here.

    I took out the Moderator/Owner titles and all the pluses on the comments. I kept them on the root posts as a slight nod to the G+ format and also because in later chapters we often skipped the summary and it just looks better if there is something there.

    I added the chapter titles to the running heads. I know the running feet on the prologue sections are screwed up, I'll fix them at a later stage.

    Sorry, Chris, about the first names only, but we do have a few duplicates and other issues.

    Thoughts welcome!

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    Looks great. Glancing through these early sections I'm struck by how many people we seemed to have lost along the way.

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    Absolutely. Most of the discussion was from about a half dozen of us, but when I combed through all the posts, there were 32 unique posters who made at least one comment.
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    @Michael_S_Miller said:
    Another weekend, another sample, available here.

    It's looking great, well done :smile:

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    This looks AMAZEBALLS. I can't wait to order a copy when you are done. Thanks so much @Michael_S_Miller.

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    At least one for me!

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