A Stranger in Olondria - Starter 3 - The Characters


How did you get on with Jevick? Did it bother you that his initial identity as pepper trader was discarded so early? What about the several other people we follow for much or all of the book - Jissavet, Auram, Milos, Lunre, Tialon? 


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    Liked them all, meaning I liked they behaved according to some sense of who they thought themselves.

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    There are a lot of rich characters - some of the richest aren't even named, like the old woman who lies in the rug but seems to communicate some much with her eye. Here's another example:

    "The black-eyed girl with the firm jaw, who clearly ran the household, brought us wooden bowls of stew and rough tin spoons. She looked no older than sixteen, and her hair hung in four plaits, but she had the capable hands and decided tread of a matron. She arranged the two older women - her mother and sister, I supposed - on a mat and gave them a bowl and a spoon to share."

    Those are the ones I especially loved, but all the main ones are good, too. And unusual. I mean, when was the last time you saw a 'kept man' as a main character? They were believable and well drawn.

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    All of the characters seemed real to me - they acted consistently and were interesting in and of themselves. There was no one I felt didn't have a story, including the people mentioned in passing - the descriptions were so individual they told something of themselves.

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