99 Aztec Century - gaming

Is this world gameable? How would you set up such a game?


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    The world is quite gamble, though it would need a lot of work to develop it. I'd scale back the Aztec empire a bit, and I'd set the action in North America. I liked how iconic cultural elements like McDonald's Restaurants were supplanted by Aztec versions - this kind of thing makes the setting relatable, but still different. So I'd keep that, too. I'm not good at political games, so I'm not entirely sure what characters would do in this setting. But I'm sure I could figure something out eventually.

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    There are lots of stories to tell about war and intrigue, but I don't think you need the Aztec empire to tell them.

    The key reason for the setting is to ask what would happen if Europe (especially Britain) was the subject of imperialism rather than the perpetrator. I think that's where the game should concentrate. That game could be slice-of-life, resistance and rebellion, or from the point of view of Aztecs asserting control.

    I suppose the game could draw on experiences from occupied Europe in WWII, or Europe under Soviet control. I've been thinking about Grey Ranks recently, a game about the 1944 Warsaw Uprising; that may be a model for a doomed uprising against the Aztecs.

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