99 Aztec Century - this alternate world

Christopher Evans is very sparing in his listing of how events differ from those which we know. Which parts do you wish he had elaborated more? Is it a convincing world?


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    I thought the political situation in North America, with the various smaller states in balance against the behemoth Aztecs, to be the most interesting part of the world, and much more interesting than an Aztec occupied Britain. So I would have liked to explore that area more.

    I liked how he built the world, and also revealed it. He dropped some interesting details here and there that made me think he had really put a lot of thought into the world, and it felt like it had depth. A few elements were not convincing (like 'California Wines' being a thing - why would we even have a California in a world where the Spanish never penetrated to the west coast? We were also introduced to IBM. I didn't mind having a company called 'Imperial Business Machines' but they way it was introduced to us was a bit clumsy.

    I'm also not really convinced by the extent of this Aztec empire, but it's not a big deal.

    I did quite enjoy the world-building overall, and even the overall science-fantasy feel, which leant an exotic atmosphere.

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    The world-building seemed solid and I liked how we didn't have large chunks of exposition shoved down our throats. It probably helped the worldbuilding that it wasn't explained in detail: if Evans had said more, where would have been more opportunities to pick holes in it.

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    I enjoyed this alternate world and the degree to which we were told about it. I also was was jolted a bit by the presence of a California, but I think that’s a minor issue.

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