99 Aztec Century - the pace

During the read @NeilNjae wondered whether the book would ever get anywhere. Did it? And what did you think about the pace overall?


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    I had no issues with the pace, and never wondered if the book was progressing, though I did wonder at some time where the author was planning to take things. I liked how the pace gradually picked up and the book progressed - or was it just my interest that was building and that made it seem like it went by more quickly? I read the last 100 pages in very short order, being the most dramatic.

    I'll tackle the other questions tomorrow - knackered tonight!

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    I'm sorry to say, I didn't find the pace improved. Just after posting my comment the book did the bombing of the large greenhouse and picked up for a bit. But then it went back to "self-centred and entitled person sits in room" and I started skipping paragraphs, then pages, then chapters, and I don't think I missed much.

    I may comment on some of the other questions if I feel I can, but I'll let others go first.

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    I thought the pace was fine. It took me too long because I was busy, not because I wasn't interested. I liked the gradual build up and care taken with illuminating - and of course building - the setting.

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