Languages of Pao Q7 Gaming Use


Can you use anything in this book as fodder for gaming?


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    Yes, even though I find the settings to be paper-thin, how many times do we see such settings in gaming? Here is the warrior culture. Here is the trading culture. Here is the farming culture. They are stereotypes in gaming for a reason; they work. There are certainly rich settings to be found in gaming, but you can find a lot of play in these one-note settings, particularly if they are pitted against each other, like Vance does here.

    On another note, I would be interested in a roleplaying game that uses language as an element, maybe as a component of magic. I would love to play a wizard or a bard that influences people based on the linguistic elements they use. I can see combining linguistic elements in novel ways to produce various effects.

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    A linguimancer.

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    For me there are bits and bobs. The 'Linguimancer' sounds fascinating. The aspects of Breakness that are about body modification and esoteric things seems cool. I would make it more about self sacrifice, though. Also, I quite like the villain that plays the really long game the way this one does - such a long game that at almost any point he's confronted, he just says 'I put the pieces in place long ago and am just waiting for them to play out'. There's a lot of confidence in that. And, in a campaign play situation, I can see frustration for the PCs who end up serving the villain's goal because he foresaw their actions - even counted on them. I doubt I'm a good enough GM to pull that off, but I'd love to see it done.

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    Nothing to comment here, just adding a note so I see updates

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