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The tragic interlude of Gitan Nesko on Breakness both kickstarted and showcased Beran's development. What did you think of his handling of it all, bearing in mind his age? How did it define him? Is Beran eventually a strong central character? A worthy Panarch?


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    To use a term from a feminist critique of comics, she was fridged. She existed solely within the narrative to serve Beran's development, much like she existed solely within the fiction to meet men's needs. I think this makes me think even more poorly of Vance's portrayal of the "drafting" of women to meet men's sexual needs. He does the same thing in how he uses the character for the benefit of a male character's development.

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    Good point - I'll need to remember that term.

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    The term "fridged" came from critique of a comic in which a superhero's girlfriend was killed and put into a refrigerator. The girlfriend's only purpose in the story was as a catalyst for the development of the male superhero.

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    Again (usual risk assessment) I don't think the book is about individual character development, whether of men or women, except incidentally as serves the arc of cultural development. In that sense pretty much everyone is fridged...

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    I like the term 'fridged,' and it sums up exactly what happens to her. I felt genuine annoyance at her appearance and departure - I expected her story to be much more interesting, as a counterpoint to Beran's development (or even a love interest - even that would have given him some sympathetic traits) - only to have her throw herself off a cliff when it looked like she might develop a personality.

    As far as individual character development goes, Beren, Palafox, and even Bustamonte manage to get a character arc. I'm still bitter - Gitan Nesko was the most potentially interesting character in the book!

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