Question 6


Did any characters in particular appeal to you? Which?


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    Lots! Gurgeh himself, and the Emperor Nicosar stood out, but to the extent that they were drawn I found most of the second-tier characters also engaging and credible

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    Definitely Gurgeh. For some reason also the priest who kept asking Gurgeh if he would yield. The drones ran together for me a bit.

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    I liked Gurgeh. Flere-Imsaho was fun, both in his original identity and in his new identity hiding his abilities (still taking what, with hindsight, was some relish in manipulating Gurgeh). For me a high point was when Gurgeh was on the verge of giving up and the drone showed him some of the nastiness present in the Empire of Azad which stirred him to action.

    I also liked Yay and the Imprisoned colonel.
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    I liked Yay the most. Honey badger don't care. :D

    Most of the characters were well drawn and interesting, but Yay was the one I liked the most, by a lot.

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    I liked Gurgeh, from his grappling with the permutations of blackmail in a society that doesn’t really deal with it, to his resolve to go all the way after seeing the slums of the Empire, to his deep appreciation of the beauty of the game.

    The Imprisoned Colonel was pretty cool. Poor bastard.

    That final interchange between Nicosar and Gurgeh was incredible. The Emperor really came alive at that point. His passion for his cruel, intricate, oppressive, glorious regime was spectacular

    Mawhrin-Skel / Loash / Flere-Imsaho / The Narrator wore too many layers of masks to really get a sense of its character. But I did like that it complained about needing to wear the disguise of the bulky casing in the Empire, but it had already worn two different bulky casing disguises in its confidence game on Gurgeh.

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