Mission of Gravity Q5: Any roses or thorns?


What were some of the highlights of this book for you? What parts left you cold? Did you like the light-hearted moments? Did any scene particularly resonate for you?


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    There were a few moments when I got a little bored- when there was another landscape problem to be overcome with advice from the humans and ingenuity.

    I liked Barleman when he was talking to other cultures.

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    The scenes between Barl and the flyer ambassador were the highlight for me. Also Lackland and his crewmates interacting with Barl. The engineering problems were a bit dullsville, but I liked the social problem solving.
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    It felt quite uniform without much in the way of highs and lows, which I guess is entirely appropriate for a book about a very high gravity planet with little by way of surface features!

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    I agree with Apocryphal. The scenes with the flyer ambassador were the most interesting.

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