1. Dark Orbit - General Impressions


What did you think of Dark Orbit? Was this your first book by Carolyn Ives Gilman? Would you read another? What did you like most, or least?


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    It's my first Gilman book (I'd not heard of her before). I liked it! Yes, I'd read another of her books. The characters seemed pretty realistic, not doing things for purely plot reasons. There was a good senseawunda in the initial exploration, even if I thought the climax wasn't as tense as it could have been.

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    Also my first. I was expecting a younger author for some reason - even before I read the book. The bio at the back says she works for the National Museum of the American Indian in Washington D.C. Which might explain how she conceived of the Wenders dream-walking ability. It felt quite shamanic to me, like it was the intention of the book to give shamanic experience a scientific justification.

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    Also my first one by her and I would definitely read another. I especially liked the mirroring of events / attitudes on several levels - eg the dark orbit of the actual planet, its subsurface inhabitants, the experience of Thora all reflect each other in different ways. And I really appreciated someone who not only wrote that interstellar chat happens instantaneously but travel takes time... but actually came up with a half-way decent explanation for it as well. Dislikes - not many really, except that some of the philosophical discourse, whilst cool, was a bit too obvious for me. I preferred it when it was a little bit more indirect. I had taken her as Asian Indian origin rather than American Indian until reading the bio at the end.

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    Yes, this is the first thing I've read by this author- I've never heard of her before. I liked it! I would read it again, I would read the sequel, I would read more set in the same universe.

    It vaguely reminded me of A Fire Upon the Deep by Vernor Vinge and the Web Shifters series by Julie Czerneda.

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    I didn't know the author. I also enjoyed the book. The characters are nicely drawn, and feel real in how they act and react to events. It took a while to completely grip me, but I'd definitely read another by the same author.

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    Speaking of gripping, I found the first audio log to be rather non-gripping. Once I realized they were A Thing In This Book, I found I cared more.

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