Mission of Gravity Q2: Which character could you best drop into a tabletop game?


There's not that many named characters, which makes for a short list for this question. Obviously a foot-long centipede might be hard-pressed to make an appearance in a hard-boiled detective game, but you have creative license to adjust.

Barlennan, Dondragmer, Lackland. The flyers, the mutes, the box-worshippers.

Beyond that, what did you think of the characters in general?


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    There was nobody except Barlennan and to a minor extent Dondragmer from whom I got any sense of personality, sorry!

    It's a flaw in a lot of older science fiction, that. Or maybe a feature. I still liked Barlennan though.

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    I thought the flyer ambassador, Lackland and some his crew were the most interesting. The aliens were surprisingly human, but I guess xenopsychology wasn’t really what Clement wanted to explore. Compare to Mievilles Embassytown.
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    Not a lot to add here to what's already been said by @dr_mitch and @Apocryphal

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    I can't help but wonder at the combination of Barlinnan and Bree... :o

    The characters are mostly stock, and might as well be named Pierrot or Scaramouche or Harlequin, with the singular exception of Barlinnan. Barlinnan on the other hand might as well have been human. Welcome to old school SF! :wink:

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