Sword at Sunset: Question Nine


Rosemary Sutcliff is best known as a children's author. Have you read any of her works for younger readers? If so, how does Sword at Sunset feel more adult?

Also, there was a bowdlerised edition published for younger readers, though I've not read that. Do you have any thoughts there?


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    I'm pretty sure I read this version as a younker, so no opinion. If I read any of her children's books as a lad, and I read several of her books, I didn't notice any difference.

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    I've never read her before. Certainly, this book feels like it's for adults.

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    Eagle of the Ninth (both book and film versions) but not many others. Reading the book was a long time ago and I remember nothing much except the overall plot.
    I'd probably pitch this as teenage rather than adult or children's if I had to classify it. Yes there was the early sex scene but it was hardly very explicit, and I don't think many places would consider it too far gone in either sex or violence to move it out of a YA section.

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