The Eyre Affair 7: Sequels


There are now seven books in the series, The Eyre Affair being the first (and Jasper Fforde's first published novel). Are you tempted to read more of them? Why or why not?


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    I’m not. This kind of ‘humorous’ fiction doesn’t really do it for me. I felt the same about Rivers of London and other sort of similarly veined things we’ve done over this the years.

    I should try to re-read my old Hitchhikers books, and maybe a Xanth novel (all of which I liked as a teen) to see if I still like them, and if I do, why that’s different from these modern books.
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    This blurb of a review seems pretty accurate:

    *'Always ridiculous, often hilarious ... blink and you miss a vital narrative leap. There are shades of Douglas Adams, Lewis Carroll, 'Clockwork Orange' and '1984'. And that's just for starters' - Time Out*

    ‘Alway hilarious, often ridiculous’ might have worked better, and yeah - since when is ‘blink and you miss a vital narrative leap’ a selling feature?
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    If the puns were toned down an order of magnitude or three I might. I liked a lot of things about it, but the forced humor was off-putting.

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