The Eyre Affair 6: Gaming


What if anything might you take from this into a game? What couldn't possibly work? Would you like to set up and/or play in a game based on the world of The Eyre Affair?


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    I guess the idea of entering a book and interacting with it might be interesting for a one-shot. Glorantha achieves something similar with its ‘hero-questing’ which is a ritual whereby characters in the setting can re-enact a myth from me hat setting and change elements of it. I wonder if Fforde is a Glorantha fan?
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    Of course I then had to look up Glorantha which threatened to become a huge rabbithole, but seems to me very like the sort of thing that Fforde might be into. Was "Flora" an auto-correct for Glorantha, or is it a thing in its own right? (Quick online searches keep getting bogged down in flowers, goddesses, or margarine)

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    Yeah, autocorrect - stupid iPhone.
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    I couldn't possibly pull off this mad mad world!

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