The Prodigal Son


Hi all. Some of you know me from olden times, some of you I've probably never met. I used to be a feckless but present member of this esteemed society until I went into a deep freeze. I have read about 30% of this book so far (reading on the Kindle as I prefer my paperbacks to be mass-market sized and these days all you can get are the hardbacks or giant trades). It's, IMO, great writing and gripping stuff told from multiple viewpoints. Thanks for letting me pick the October book.

Ironically, I picked this book up on a whim, having seen it featured on a YouTube channel that was algorithmically suggested to me. As it turns out it mentions Cartagena, which I will be visiting in the month of October! From the 5th to the 20th, I will be cruising down the Caribbean side of Central America, through the Panama Canal, and then back up to my home city of San Diego.


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