Sword at Sunset: Question One


The progression of the book was essentially a series of big events, mixed at the start with scenes with the purpose to introduce major characters. Did any of these events particularly strike you? Which ones?


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    I'm not sure how big they were, but the events that struck me most were the various interactions with the locals. The somewhat bizarre sex scene with Ygerna early in the book, the meeting of the dark people and the earth mother, and the scenes in Guenhumara's father's court. Also, the meeting with Bedwyr early on.

    I would have thought the battles would play a more pivotal role, since the list of Arthur's battles is well know and one of the few things to come down to us to be fodder for a historical novel, but they seemed to just be filler, really.

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    I enjoyed the fight with the Saxons near York, though it didn't ring true like Tokien's battles do. It ws a good literary battle though!

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    I'm with @Apocryphal here - it was the human interactions which interested me more, especially the dark people (presumably picts?)
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    The battles weren't the main thing which engaged me. I enjoyed the gruelling winter with disaster meaning food was almost gone, and everything involving Guenhumara.

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