2. Infinity: A Bridger's Story - Characters


What did you think of the characters - the main ones (Passerina and Scottie) and the others. Were they well fleshed out? Did they feel Reel? Did they hook you in? Did you care ultimately what happened to them?


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    I didn’t have a strong feeling about characters. Infinity was really the only developed character, and I found her relatable enough (even if a familiar trope - Vasquez from Aliens much?). The rest were ok. I never understood why they needed call signs instead of names.
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    I didn't feel it was ever meant to be character driven so I never got invested in the characters! You just knew that Infinity was going to survive with difficulty, and that most of the others were red-shirts! I assumed that the whole call-sign thing was to make it feel more like Top Gun and all - Maverick and Ice Man would fit in very well here ...
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    I've had crepes with more depth than any of the characters here.

    Passerina came across as the result of making a few rolls on a "protagonist generator" table.

    On the other hand, Asimov and Clark are lauded as great writers of the SF Golden Age, and most of their characters were about as well-developed as in this book.

    It wasn't a book about characters and insights into the human condition. It was pulpy action fun, it knew that, and delivered as best it could.

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    The characters were sterotypes, with no real effort to make them more.

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