Babel A5: Oxford and Empire


Kuang clearly hates the British Empire and all it stands for, but loves Oxford as a place and seat of learning. She spares no time showing us just how callous and uncaring are the privileged few in the empire, from the utter uninterest in the death of Robin's family to the dismissal of the plight of the unemployed workers in the north of England. Yet Oxford is idyllic, a haven of pure intellect (except when it's not). 

Any thoughts on this contrast?


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    I think it’s more ‘colonialism’ in general than specifically the British Empire. Kuang is American so I’m sure this is as much about them. The contrast rings true enough.
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    I think we have yet to see how she feels about systems of government other than colonial Britain - for example how will she describe (if she ever does) the Chinese government?

    And I suppose the question behind that is whether idyllic Oxford could possibly exist outside of a ruling system that funnels wealth from other places into its chosen projects?

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    I'm not sure she loves Oxford, or university education. Oxford University is the centre of the villainy after all, unlike say the north of England, Canton, or anywhere else in the world at all.

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    I find it impossible to care. This is like reading about someone's daddy issues.

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