Ancestral Night 8: Gaming


How much of this book is gameable? If you decided to GM a game based on it, which bit(s) would you focus on?


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    I think there was plenty gameable in the book. The Synarche would make a good setting: enough control to make a base, and enough freedom on the fringes for adventure. The notion of having to justify the use of additional resources with the communist setting would be an interesting challenge for gamers.

    You could do plenty with the various species.

    I think the most interesting part of the setting is the rightminding and the malleability of personality. I've no idea how that would work in play, and how it would be represented at the table. Traditionally, a PC's internal mental state is solely the domain of the player. There have been some carrot-and-stick mechanisms for guiding or reflecting behaviour in various RPGs, but nothing that really (I think) represents imposed large changes in personality.

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    I agree with Neil - plenty to work with here. I quite liked the tech aspects of the setting, and being able to switch off aspects of one's personality (or have others switch them off in spite of your wishes) could make for some interesting character generation and roleplaying opportunities. I'd probably make this a character generation item, but maybe with the occasional (like once per campaign) in-game event.

    I also liked the ship-mind being a bit more developed with its own culture, and wonder if the inorganic minds aspect could be explored more.

    Although the races in this book didn't really interest me much, I think there's some scope to explore these more. But then I tend to prefer human only settings. If I was to do races, I might go back to the Sector General series we explored those many years back on G+.

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