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I've been mulling some choices for the June book. What would people like?

My first thought was The Princess Bride, the book that became the cult film. A retelling of an archetypal fairy tale, full of action, adventure, romance, swordfights, and breaking of the fourth wall. But, we've done Mort recently, so do we want another comedy? Could raise questions of how knowing we are, or should be, of genre tropes, and how different media (book, film, game) emphasise and accommodate different types of scenes.

We could do A Memory Called Empire, an SF book inspired by Byzantine politics. An ambassador from a small state visits the capital of the neighbouring empire, both to secure her home's independence and to discover the truth of her predecessor's sudden death. Won the 2020 Hugo. Could have questions about politics and scheming, identity and roles, and how to represent politics and scheming.

Or there's Paladin's Grace, a fantasy romantic novel. He's a paladin whose god died a few years ago, she's a perfumer recently escaped from an abusive marriage. Together they... well, they fight crime, but it's all about the two of them forming a relationship. Light and loads of fun. Could involve questions about tone, romance, relationships, and how to bring emotions and vulnerability into games.

Let's see if the poll works! But please add comments as you see fit.

June book choice
  1. June book choice4 votes
    1. The Princess Bride
    2. A Memory Called Empire
    3. Paladin's Grace


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