97. February 2021 Book Nomination - Mort by Terry Pratchett



After a discussion with a few forum members, it came up that Pratchett hadn't featured before. Rather than one of his oft-quoted 'classics', I thought I'd go for the first book I remember really enjoying of his. 14-year-old me thought this was a masterpiece. It will be interesting to see if he was right. I've also never re-read a book, so this is a first for me as well.

Teenage boy gets apprenticed to Death, is the plot in a nutshell. Skimming the reviews of this, this is a less-openly-satirical fantasy novel that I expect still has a wry self-awareness of the genre baked into it. With fewer gags or obvious morals, this is a coming-of-age tale with Death in the best supporting actor role. I'm interested if its charm still stands up today, and if Pratchett's wit is still as dry without an obvious target.

It also has (or at least had) an official licensed RPG based on the setting, which improbably picked GURPS as the best way to model the Discworld setting. I think we can talk about if there are any better ways to model this sort of thing, and have the perennial 'humour-in-gaming' chat.

Up for it?


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