Newsletter 8 - 2021 New Year's Update

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Welcome to another year at the Tabletop Roleplayer's Book Club!

We started this book club in January of 2011 with the reading of JRR Tolkien's Silmarillion, and went on from there to read many more books! Our first home was on the Roludo gaming forum, then we moved to G+ where we picked up a big batch of new members, and in 2018 we moved here, to our own dedicated forum. This January we'll be reading (for some, re-reading) Sleep Donation by Karen Russell, and this will mark the end of our 9th year. This will be our 96th* monthly book selection. If we add in the 9 books we've read so far as 'slow reads', we're at 105 books in total! We;ve done well as a club - we still have most of our original members, and are continuing to grow slowly with the addition of new ones.

Here's what we've got on tap for the beginning of 2021:


Discussion of our December pick (book #95) will begin tomorrow, hosted by @RichardAbbott . This is a reading of Ted Chiang's short story Story Of Your Life, in conjunction with a viewing of the film Arrival, which was based on the story. By extension, I assume we'll also be discussing some of the other stories in Ted Chiang's collection: Stories Of Your Life And Others.


In January, @WildCard will be hosting the discussion of our 96th book - Sleep Donation, by Karen Russell. This is actually the second time we'll be reading this book - it was also pick number 21!

Trish Edgewater is the Slumber Corps’ top recruiter. On the phone, at a specially organized Sleep Drive, even in a supermarket parking lot: Trish can get even the most reluctant healthy dreamer to donate sleep to an insomniac in crisis–one of hundreds of thousands of people who have totally lost the ability to sleep. Trish cries, she shakes, she shows potential donors a picture of her deceased sister, Dori: one of the first victims of the lethal insomnia plague that has swept the globe.

Run by the wealthy and enigmatic Storch brothers, the Slumber Corps is at the forefront of the fight against this deadly new disease. But when Trish is confronted by “Baby A,” the first universal sleep donor, and the mysterious “Donor Y,” whose horrific infectious nightmares are threatening to sweep through the precious sleep supply, her faith in the organization and in her own motives begins to falter.

@WildCard 's introduction can be found, here:
Look for discussions to begin around the end of January. They'll be posted here:


In February, one of our most recent members, @BurnAfterRunning (host of the gaming blog of the same name, btw) has expressed an interest in running a Terry Pratchett book - an author we haven't yet tackled here at the club. Look for an announcement, or perhaps a discussion thread, to begin soon. (EDIT: And the pick is Mort )


And, if monthly readings aren't enough - or indeed, if they are too much! - we've started discussing a new Slow Read for 2021. Slow Read's allow us to tackle longer works, but spread out over a much longer time with weekly discussions. For more on this, I point you to the ongoing discussion thread:
(EDIT: And the pick is The Dream Archipelago by Christopher Priest

Here's to a great 10th year, everyone!


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