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Hi all,

I'm needing a 'sense of wonder' fix and I was wondering if anybody knows about... I'm not even sure what to call them... art books that describe a setting? I've tried googling but am not getting the right hits, so I'm probably missing a key piece of nomenclature.

I'm looking for something along the lines of The Guide to Glorantha or the recent Artesia world book that came out - only I'm not looking for RPG franchises, but rather simply a creative person's individual endeavour. Something like the Terran Trade Authority books that came out when I was a kid. I seem to remember other such books, but can't think of any titles. They basically had text describing aspects of a setting - history, culture, etc. - and lots of art. I think the Tales From the Loop franchise also started out this way, and the author has a new book being kickstarted for a different setting.



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    Never read them, but... Dinotopia?

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    "Worlds of Android" was released by FFG, to supplement mainly their Netrunner card game (and others in that universe). It also ties in to the "Shadow of the Beanstalk" game-specific book.

    "Worlds of Android" is meant to be very pretty, general background, lots of art, that sort of thing. It's a cyberpunk setting, but one with a bit of everything thrown in because it was cool for the card game. I'm not sure there's a unifying aesthetic or message to the setting.

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    Those both fit the description, though neither is really my cuppa. Anyone else got any? The new book from Free League describes that effort as a 'narrative artbook'.

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    It's a bit of a long shot, and may not at all be what you are looking for, but some music album covers fit along these lines. I'm thinking particularly about Roger Dean ( many of whose album covers could easily be drawn from the same fantasy world.

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    Yes, well, part of the reason I've been yearning for such a book is the progressive rock kick I've been on for the past month.

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