November book choice


Hi all,

I'm still wavering between two choices for the November book, one new, one old, and very different books.

The first is Piranesi (Susanna Clarke), which I read recently and adored. It would be interesting to discuss. It's about a small world with a very small cast of characters, and written in the form of journal entries by the antagonist. Although everything about the protagonist and the world is a mystery, it's an easy read. I think it's perhaps best read knowing as little as possible about it, so I've tried to say something without giving too much away.

The second is The Broken Sword (Poul Anderson). It's a Viking era fantasy novel patterned after Norse sagas, featuring the war between the elves and the trolls, and a doomed hero. If I was going to list my influences, this would be high on the list, and I've not read it for quite a while now.


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