Trailer for next year's Foundation...


Hi all,
this just popped across my radar and I thought a number of us might be interested...

The teaser contains a few (rather disconnected) scenes and cameos, plus a bit of rather sickly commentary from David Goyer. It's going to be on Apple TV which I don't have, but with a bit of luck it will also show in other places. It sounds as though it will be presented as a series rather than single film, which is an interesting choice - as I expect we all know, the first book (not counting prequels and all) is episodic by nature, so maybe that makes sense.


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    I saw this trailer as well. Lots of nice pictures, but still early days. I'm not sure at all that they will be able to capture the 'talking' about 'ideas' which, is what in my memory made these stories worthwhile. From what I recall there was not a lot of developing character interaction, which makes sense as the whole premise is that individuals don't matter in the greater sequence of events. Wonder how will they play that? You think we might see the Mule?

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    The Mule would be good, I think, and probably easier to portray now, nearly 70 years after the original writing, with all of the real life and fiction dealing with mutants that has gone on since then. I remember being utterly impressed by the Visi-Sonor when I first read the series. But at a guess we won't get to any of the events of Foundation and Empire during series 1.

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