The Picts and Scottish history, 4th-10th centuries CE

I just came across this article last night and thought it might interest some folk here...

The article is incomplete (you have to go off to a journal for the whole thing, and probably pay) but there's a decent chunk, covering such things as geographical extent, artefacts including inscribed stones, settlements etc. This extract makes for a nice teaser...

"As well as sherds of Late Roman wine amphorae imported from the eastern Mediterranean, there were fragments of glass drinking beakers from France, and one of the largest assemblages of metalworking production evidence known from early medieval Britain – from moulds and crucibles for making pins, to brooches and even tiny animal figurines that resemble the animals carved on Pictish stones. One of the most-remarkable finds was an iron pin shaped like the axe carried by Rhynie Man – tangible links between objects from the site and the iconography of the stones."


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    This is very cool! @Apocryphal should see this! Right up his alley! I find it fascinating, but useless for my roleplaying. I find it impossible to understand pre-Renaissance people. To me they are more alien than aliens.

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    Yes, to echo that this was a very good find.

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    I read this - interesting as far as it goes. I've read a fair bit of Pictish history, but the sites mentioned here are new ones to me, so that was pretty cool.

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