A rock-opera “Wake for the Dreaming”, based on Neil Gaiman’s epic “Sandman” series


Hi all, I got a notification for a concert at a nearby cinema / arts venue in Ambleside about a rock opera based on Neil Gaiman's writing. I have absolutely no idea about the likely musical quality, or how well it connects with the books, but thought club members might be intrigued. The blurb is at https://www.zeffirellis.com/live-music/nel-unlit, and a couple of sample tracks are at https://nelunlit.bandcamp.com/album/wake-for-the-dreaming

Some extracts are:

Nel Unlit are a group of songwriters, storytellers and musicians who have their roots all over the North East of England and Northern Ireland.


They have written a concept album, “Wake for the Dreaming” based on the graphic novel “World’s End” by Neil Gaiman. The album is a celebration of storytelling and it’s power to soothe and inspire in times of crisis. Various methods of storytelling are used to achieve this, including stories within stories (and even stories within stories within stories)

Sadly (I think) I shall be unable to go as I have to toddle down to London that day, but maybe we'll hear more about it sometime.


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    Sounds very cool. "World's End" is a very fitting inspiration for a concept album, with all the different genres and the frame structure of "travelers stuck at an inn telling stories during a storm."
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    I'm certainly intrigued! I'll have a listen.
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