February 2020 Book Club read: The Player of Games by Iain M. Banks

Yes, for February it's my turn and I've spent longer than I should thinking about it. My nomination is The Player of Games by Iain M. Banks.

It's the second novel in his Culture universe (which are all stand alone), first published in 1988. The Culture novels are some of the originators in what is sometimes called "The New Space Opera". Of course, it's now over 30 years old...

The Culture is a space-faring society of both sentient machines and people who are pretty much human. It's a society of pleasure, freedom, and idealism, post-scarcity in terms of resources. It occupies a good portion of the galaxy. And when other societies are subject to cruelty and tyranny, the Culture interferes.

In my opinion, The Player of Games is the best introduction to the Culture (the first book, Consider Phlebas, was for me not as good, and in many ways atypical). We should have plenty to discuss. It's pretty readily available, including Kindle and Audio formats.


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