What are you working on?


There are bunch of us in this club who create things. Some of us create RPG material. Some of us write fiction. At least one of us makes music.

Sooo...what are you working on at the moment that you can share with the club? Either things which will be for sale, or things for your own enjoyment?

For me, there's more material for Liminal, my contemporary fantasy RPG, both by me and by other people. Soon there will be crowdfunding for my take on world hopping fantasy, Beyond Dread Portals, with a D&Dish rules influence but heavily drifted by both my tastes and to fit the setting (it's about exploration and politics rather than dungeons). And most excitingly of all, the epic @Apocryphal and I wrote, Mythic Babylon (for Mythras) is with the publishers.

Anyway...what's yours?


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    Not much for me at the moment. I'm catching up on a number of things I let slide over the summer. I still have a few odds and ends to wrap up for Mythic Babylon - mainly preparing maps.

    I'd like to work on something else, and I have several half-baked ideas. The most developed idea is called The Awful Hand, a game of medieval intrigue, superstition, and derring do in a kingdom cursed by the Devil. I have chunks of setting written, and a pretty decent back cover blurb:

    In darkest Gallowa' twa kings brood

    An guid fowk gather abut the rood

    For the de'il has broached the dyke, tis said

    And comes tae put thy sons to beid.


    Now brae and haugh and carse once feir

    Are bonny, bricht, and gled nae mair

    For Hornie the De'il has cursit is this land

    And long is the reach of his awful hand.

    THE AWFUL HAND: Adventures in Mythic Galloway is a sourcebook and campaign set in the medieval kingdom of Galloway during the late twelfth century. The kingdom is poisoned by a Bishop's curse, and the awful hand of the Devil stretches its shadowy fingers across the hills and into the hearts of its people. The campaign follows the fortunes of its two rival kings as they struggle against the power of the curse. Can the kingdom be saved and re-united, or will it fall into damnation?

    What is Galloway?

    The land of Galloway lies on the north shore of the Irish sea and has counted among its inhabitants Picts, Romans, Britons, Angles, Norse, and Gaels. Each of these cultures have left their mark upon the landscape in the forms of old diked fields, ancient pack roads, half-forgotten strongholds, and some of the most evocative placenames in Britain. Here you can visit the Nick of the Balloch, the Corse of Slakes, the De'il's Dike, The Black Water of Dee, Cainsmore of Kerseban, The Cauldron of the Dungeon, Viride Stagnum Abbey, the tombs of Sunnoness, the Murder Hole, the Mote of Urr, Screel Hill, or The Range of The Awful Hand itself. Though Galloway has long been a meeting place of cultures, this “Land of the Stranger Gaels” remains something of a land apart. Its inhabitants, the Galwegians, are sometime called the Southern Picts, for they are thought to be descended from that long lost race.

    What is the Awful Hand?

    The Awful Hand is the highest range of hills in Galloway, They are desolate and remote, offering the perfect refuge for those who wish to hide their sins. In these hills and the glens between your characters will meet wrathful kings, prophetic saints, industrious warlocks, gluttonous monks, secretive brewers, scurrilous tinkers, blaspheming priests, vengeful vikings, slothful servants, simple giants, black-hearted pirates, peripatetic grave-diggers, proud clan chiefs, hideous brownies, envious fairies, creeping wyrms, angry poltergeists, lusty merchants, and all manner of other deviltry.

    Here's what famous people are saying about their favourite Mythic Galloway characters:

    "[We fielded] An execrable army, more atrocious than the pagans, [and] neither fearing God nor regarding man, spread desolation over the whole province and slaughtered everywhere people of either sex, of every age and rank, destroying, pillaging and burning towns, churches and houses... For the sick on their couches, women pregnant and in childbed, infants in the womb, innocents at the breast, or on the mother's knee, with the mothers themselves, decrepit old men and worn-out old women, and persons debilitated from whatever cause, wherever they met with them, they put to the edge of the sword, and transfixed with their spears; and by how much more horrible a death they could dispatch them, so much the more did they rejoice." Henry of Hexham

    “[Our Galwegian characters were] Men, agile, unclothed, remarkable for much baldness; arming their left side with knives formidable to any armed men, having a hand most skillful at throwing spears and directing them from a distance; raising their long lance as a standard when they advance into battle.” Ralph de Diceto

    "[Our Galwegian characters] after their custom gave vent thrice to a yell of horrible sound, and attacked the southerns in such an onslaught that they compelled the first spearmen to forsake their post." Henry of Huntingdon

    "Like a hedgehog with its quill, so would you see... [my] Galwegian [adventurer] bristling all round with arrows, and nonetheless brandishing his sword, and in blind madness rushing forward now smite a foe, now lash the air with... strokes" Ailred of Reivaulx

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    Nothing much - an RPG, a board game, yet another album. The creation process is fun!

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    For me, the main project is finishing my latest book, set in the universe of Far from the Spaceports, but a couple of decades on and with a completely different focus. It's called The Liminal Zone, 'cos after all you can never have too much liminality :smile: The setting: Pluto's moon Charon rather than the asteroid belt. So you can take the liminal zone concretely in terms of location, or metaphorically in terms of inward experience.

    As with earlier books in the series, it's (what I consider to be) moderately strict SF, with a heavy focus on human-AI relationships. Much more interest in the personal and relational side of life, and a marked absence of battles with laser cannons and such like.

    The storyline has moved away from the fraud-in-space theme of the previous ones, and is more of a first contact book, with Arthurian overtones. But unlike @Apocryphal, I don't have any sort of blurb yet. I always struggle with that, bigtime. A third and final story in the Far from the Spaceports arc is in very early preparation, but won't see the light of day until The Liminal Zone is out there.

    I had originally hoped to have finished The Liminal Zone some months ago, but life has been very busy this calendar year and I will be happy if I get a finished text ready by the winter.

    Hilariously, I misparsed your last sentence by transferring the meaning from "epic Mythic Babylon" to "epic @Apocryphal". I'm sure you could read all kinds of interpretations into that...

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    Those who can, write.
    Those who can't, blurb.

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    Real Life has gotten the better of me for a while now, so I'm not working on finishing the first draft of my first novel, nor am I tinkering with an RPG inspired by our LotR slow read. Alas! Hopefully I'll get back to one or both soon.

    (Everyone else's projects sound very cool.)

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    I’m writing a poem (maybe song lyrics) entitled “Psychedelic Fidelity.” Here is its current firm, which includes some gaps.

    I’m chatting with a frog
    Underneath a secret log
    Waiting out my granny’s steam
    He shows me to a door
    A sure and certain metaphor
    For crossing the bar to my dreams

    So I slip a signifier
    As my consciousness goes higher
    And my dead pawpaw appears to me
    He says, “Grandson,
    No matter what you’ve done
    You can always come home, you see.”

    Psychedelic fidelity
    Psychedelic fidelity

    I am lying in a bed
    The doc has just pronounced me dead
    After chugging 151 proof
    She asks no one a question
    That provokes a mild reflection
    About whether I would even know the truth

    So I slip beneath the sheet
    To find the reaper’s receipt
    Which reads, “Lucky Day! Have a rain check!”
    And I realize
    As I open up my eyes
    That I’m not exactly at my apex

    Psychedelic fidelity
    Psychedelic fidelity

    I’m standing at the altar
    My knees have just faltered
    But I manage to croak out, “I do”
    All of life’s potential
    Everything that’s essential
    Is now multiplied by two

    We’re swinging from the moon bow
    Listening to the water flow
    Receiving its ethereal blessing


    Psychedelic fidelity
    Psychedelic fidelity

    I’m pinching my nose
    The excitement, God knows
    Has caused it to start to bleed
    I’m holding my new son
    A new world has been spun
    More sacred than any kind of creed

    I’m giving him away
    And I hear the preacher say
    Congratulations, you’ve got a new daughter
    I will always lift them up
    And never corrupt
    Love is our new alma mater

    Psychedelic fidelity
    Psychedelic fidelity

    I kneel before the bishop
    This is more than just religious
    As the wind and the fire attest
    The power of the yoke
    And the words that we spoke
    Seal the covenant by which we are blest

    In a trance in seventh heaven
    That’s cranked up to eleven
    I fly to the top of the temple
    Saints glow with love’s glory
    As we sing the sacred story

    Psychedelic fidelity
    Psychedelic fidelity

    Between Charybdis and Scylla
    Depression, a blue gorilla
    Jumps up and down on my chest
    She submerges me in love
    And lifts me up from above
    Baptized, restored, refreshed

    The waters of the womb
    Wash against my tomb

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    Cool - as it happens, I know someone who could turn those lyrics into a song. Amiright, @clash_bowley ?

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    That would be very cool.

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    That would be true! I'll see what I can do!

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    Here is what I was working on, BTW - My sixth album, Sextillius, released Friday: https://clashbowley.bandcamp.com/album/sextillius - don't worry, you can listen without paying! :D
    Also a board game - The Great Game, released Thursday: https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/294208/The-Great-Game?src=hottest_filtered
    Also an RPG - StarCluster 4 - In the Beginning, released Thursday: https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/294213/StarCluster-4--In-The-Beginning?src=hottest_filtered
    So, I've been busy! :D

    To warn you, talking about these things here is my equivalent of a media blitz...

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    Wow! Overachiever! :)

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    Why yes, I am insane! :D

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    @WildCard - here it is:

    Not my style, but it's not bad. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1rG3HZCL8QDqM7wjK5nTTNgNeAoUHIwBT

    I would have worked it a lot more if I were going to release it. The lyrics have a lot of syllables, and I messed up a couple of times. I think a country singer would really do it justice. :D

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    @clash_bowley said:
    @WildCard - here it is:

    Wow, that's awesome! Pretty catchy tune in there. @WildCard you need to take up playing drums.

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    Thanks, @Apocryphal! The inherent rhythm in the lyrics forced my hand. :D

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