September 2019 Selection: Recursion by Blake Crouch


The book for September is Recursion by Blake Crouch, "Memory makes reality" ( Has received very good to excellent great reviews on and at the NYT, who ask "If memory is unreliable, if the past and the present can simply change without warning, then fact and truth will cease to exist. How do we live in a world like that?"

I haven't read it, or any book by Crouch, but suggested it because
1. It isn't part of a series (but is intended to be);
2. NPR says of Crouch "he has always been rare among that cadre of speculative fiction writers who traffic in big, near-future ideas in that his characters, on an individual basis, come off as actual humans rather than robots programmed to spout off dialogue;" and
3. It is supposed to successfully blend genres (sci-fi and thriller).

I was also interested because it was bought for netflix before it was even published - Suggest if you're interested in Blake's story about the book. I wanted
1. To hear what people thought about the goods cross-marketed by a transnational multi-media culture consortium as a universe (whew - who wrote that?). I think as RPGers we are to some extent in the same business; and so
2. To see what money thinks is a worthwhile story to tell to separate punters from their pennies. Maybe we can all sell something similar, and retire to bbs heaven?


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