How can I receive an email notification of new threads?


Hi, I only get notified of threads I have participated in. How can I get an email notification whenever a new thread is posted? Thanks BC


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    If you're on a PC - upper left side you'll see your avatar with some icons beside it: A globe, an envelope, a star, and a gear. Click on the gear to open a dropdown menu and select 'edit profile'

    Now, under your avatar are 5 choices - the middle one is 'Notification Preferences'. This opens a new page that lets you toggle all kinds of notifications on and off - either for specific purposes (like 'threads i've contributed to' or specific categories). Pick "my discussios" for threads you started, or "discussions I've participated in" for threads you commented in (or started, I assume). You can also get notifications for threads that you book-mark, like the Newsletter thread. If you pick this, you then need to go and bookmark the threads you want. To do that, open the thread and click on the star in the upper right corner.

    If you're on a phone, some of this may be hard to find. I couldn't find the Edit Profile page that led to the Notification Preferences, for example. However, at the very bottom of the page, in the white section above the Vanilla logo, you can see three links: 'Full Site' and 'Dashboard' and 'Signout'. Clicking 'Full Site' will give you access to the menus I described above. When you're done, at the bottom of the page again, tap the 'back to mobile site' to take you back to the dashboard view.

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    I see. I need to go every month to check the box for the category of whatever book is chosen (e.g. 80. (August 2019) The Chill), otherwise I won't get a prompt that a conversation has started. I making an effort to participate more, but the truth is that going to check if there is a new category so I get a prompt aabout a new category is something I'm going to not get around to doing. Maybe setting something up that doesn't need such constant attention by members would lead to more participation?

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    You can check the mother category, Monthly Selections. I assume that would work to catch all monthly selections.
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    I already have checked discussions, but it isn't doing it. I'll check comments and see if that fixes it.

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    OK. Possibly it will only grab threads directly in the catergory, but not in the sub-categories, which would explain why it wouldn't work.

    I'll try to do a better job keeping the newsletter updated - that's its intended purpose, afterall.

    In any case, I've added the category for Crouch already, so you can sign up for that one if you like.

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    We could also ask people to post a note in the announcement thread for their book. That thread is in the Nominations category, which can be followed.

    And speaking of which, when you have time, could you start a thread in Nominations to introduce your selection? You really just need to say what the book is, that it's the September monthly book, that we'll be discussing it (end of September or 1st few days of October), and maybe a little about why you picked it.


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    @BarnerCobblewood said:
    I already have checked discussions, but it isn't doing it. I'll check comments and see if that fixes it.

    That's my experience too... I have to keep checking back into new categories and adding a checkbox there. So far as I can tell there is no way to default this on for new categories.

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    New threads appear regularly in the site's RSS feed, if that's at all helpful to anyone. But that's only new discussions, not notifications of updates to existing discussions.

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