Arthur in the North


I know that at least @Apocryphal has an enthusiasm for the King-Arthur-up-north-rather-than-down-South theory, so I thought I'd post some sites that have at least an alleged connection with him. It could make a fun game setting for some folk as well as the geography for a story.

First, on Hadrian's Wall you get Turret 44B, commonly known as King Arthur's Turret, overlooking a gap in the ridge. Not sure I can visualise Arthur himself propping up the wall here, but it's easy to imagine one of his men...

Soon after, just on the Cumbrian side of the border, you get Birdoswald Fort ("Banna" to the Romans), thought by some to be near the site of Arthur's final battle, Camlann, somewhere along the twisting valley of the Irthing.

And finally here are two of different parts of Ravenglass, which at least in Jack Whyte's conception of events was a key location, being a port linked to the Roman fort up in Hardknott pass, and with its own minor settlement including baths...


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