Archaeological find - 4000-year-old board game


This might interest many of us
It's thought to be a version of Hounds and Jackals, played in Egypt across to Mesopotamia through most of the Bronze Age, and usually considered to be an ancestor of Backgammon (though nobody knows how exactly it was played).

I particularly liked this paragraph
[Walter Crist] said. Games were "kind of a uniquely human thing, kind of an abstraction — moving stones in blank spaces on the ground has no real effect on your daily life, except for the fact that it helps you interact with another person. So, a game is a tool for interaction, kind of like language — a shared way of being able to interact with people."


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    Someone should look at the game board and pieces, and figure out some game rules that would work with them. They did this with Senet. May not be the original rules but they work fine! :smiley:

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